Rockstar Wildthings

History of a Lifelong Off Roader

Lori Keznetzoff- Signs is a lifelong off roader.  Born into a family with a passion for Baja, the Colorado River and the deserts and mountains of Southern California. Lori started riding at the age of 4 with a mini trail 50 and training wheels. Graduating to 70 and 90 cc as she grew.  Her family nights were mostly spent in the garage wrenching with her Dad and her brother Phil tearing down motors to get more power and speed.  Eagerly waiting for the weekends to test the weeknight trials. Lori’s Dad would tuck her long blonde hair into her riding helmet and have her race the “boys”.  Winning she would take her helmet off and her competitors would be shocked they were just beat by a “girl”.

One year for Christmas Lori’s Parents surprised her and Phil with Honda 3 wheelers.  She never looked back on a 2 wheel motorcycle again. Her passion grew on. Every day after school she would practice riding on her parents property for hours.  Her pride and joy was riding wheelies. And she got great at it.  Lori was entered into a wheelie riding contest at a halftime event at a San Diego race track. She was the only girl entered.  She beat all the guys and after she continued to wheelie 3 more laps around the race track she was asked to put her front tire down so that race could start again.

Long before the legal age to drive, Lori learned to drive in a stick shift jeep and dune buggy.  The first time her father let her take the wheel she fell in love and her passion has only grown since. 

On a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Lori met Bill Signs. With his love for Baja and off roading it was the perfect match. A year and half later they were married. Over the years they enjoyed many adventures throughout Baja and the deserts, living a dream that only few have known. Their paradise ended suddenly when Bill passed away to cancer.

Lori, lost in the world returned to her roots, the deserts of Southern California. She attended a local 4 wheeling event called “Terra Del Sol” with a few friends. That weekend brought passion back into her life as she rode in a jeep “Rock crawler”. With new suspension and gearing jeeps were reaching areas untouched when she was a girl. She was “hooked”.  She immediately started researching builders of these “New” jeeps and wanted the best. That is when she discovered Clifton Slay of Poison Spyder. 3 months later she had “Rockstar”.

Rock crawling was her new passion,..Life began again. Heather Keznetzoff, Lori’s niece growing up in this off road family made Heather a skilled and passoniate off roader as well.  Lori started teaching  Heather  to drive her modified jeep. Heathers passion for Rockcrawling began.  But as time passed Lori discovered even with Heathers skilled driving a modified jeep rock crawler Heather could not go to areas Rockstar could. So back to Clifton Slay. This is when Lori discovered Clifton was selling his prize, his showpiece “Suicide Sally” The showstopper of all Rock crawlers. A dream comes true for Lori. With a huge honor Lori Purchased Suicide.  Passing Rockstar down to her niece Heather and renaming Suicide Sally to “Wild Thing” the girls new adventure begins,….